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Announcing: The Center for Conscious Relating!

I'm so excited to announce a huge shift in the Austin Authentic community. We now have a physical Center to ru...

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How Connection and Empathy are Changing the World: an interview with ConnectionCorps founder Sara Ness

A couple days ago, I recorded an interview with Shawn Madden of New Paradigm Radio. He and I talked about what A...

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Integration Package

Feel that? The little....quiet voice in your chest.  Screaming, in whispers.  Kicking the walls. You call i...

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Words from our Community
  • Impact of authentic relating games in real life: so, we had a walk around the room/be with exercise this past Sunday. It's stayed with me this week, and I've been looking people in the eye in public or when I pass them on the street (this is not something I normally do). I have been very present to other people's checked-out--ness, and have gotten some friendly hellos from those who are checked in (which NOW I count myself a part of). Thanks Love Juggernaut!!!–Brian Erickson

  • After Sunday's games night, masterfully and delightfully facilitated by Pete Michaud and with the addition of a concluding game contribution by Sara Ness, I am feeling full, overflowing, joyous, awake, aware, ready, willing and able! Thanks to each and everyone who co-created this experience!–Michael Foster

  • Thank you ALJ, I'm inspired, alive, and connected after the experience tonight. Let's grow this practice together and think huge.–Derek Ramsey

  • I have just noticed that since starting on this path through authentic work and connecting with others I appreciate art more. I never really understood it before I think due to being so in my head. This is nuts!!–Dennard McInnis